Top 5 Tips for Buying The Perfect Artistic Roller Skates
Top 5 Tips for Buying The Perfect Artistic Roller Skates
31/05/2018 - 0 Comments
Posted by Samantha Holmes

Hello and welcome to the Skatermate blog! We hope that we can use this space to inform you about buying roller and ice skating equipment, have discussions about the skating world and answer any of your questions.

Let’s gets started with our top 5 tips to buying the perfect set of artistic roller skates.

  1. Sizing

Sizing is absolutely the most important factor when it comes to buying your skates. Getting the correct size is imperative for performance and comfort. If your boot is too small you risk experiencing discomfort, cramp and pins and needles. However, if your boot is too big your foot will move around inside, resulting in rubbing, blisters, and discomfort. Either way, your performance cannot be at its best. To ensure perfect sizing of your boot, follow these simple manufactures recommendations. One size bigger than shoe size for a growing foot, and half a size bigger than shoe size for an adult foot. It is that simple!

  1. Discipline

Your choice of skate will depend on your discipline. Are you a dance skater, free skater or figures skater? Each discipline has recommended boots, plates and wheels. For example, a figure skater would have the choice of Edea Suono, Risport Ambra, Zaffiro or Rubino. Whereas a dance skater may wear an Edea Flamenco or Risport Diamante. To see the full range, head over to the ‘boot’ section of our website. If you are really not sure, then give us a call!

  1. Level

The perfect boot is further determined by your skating level. Each boot is designed with skating ability in mind, so it is important to match your equipment to your ability. It is no good being a gold standard skater in a beginner boot.

  1. Make

The make of the boot is entirely a personal preference. We only stock Edea and Risport as we believe the Italian made boots are of high quality and design.

  1. Budget

Roller skating can be a very expensive sport, so you must plan and budget carefully. Ensure your money is well spent on the correct equipment for you. For any help and advice, you can visit our website, give us a call or leave a message on this post.

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Buying Guide for Artistic Roller Skates

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