Edea Ice Fly Junior Free Skating Boots
Edea Ice Fly Junior Free Skating Boots
Edea Ice Fly Junior Free Skating Boots
Edea Ice Fly Junior Free Skating Boots
Edea Ice Fly Junior Free Skating Boots
Edea Ice Fly Junior Free Skating Boots
Edea Ice Fly Junior Free Skating Boots
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Brand: Edea
Product Condition: New
weight: 1000g
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The latest generation of design, lightness and comfort in the first vegan boot in the World.

The Edea ICE FLY is the lightest skating boot available, it is made of the latest in innovative materials and represents a turning point in skating and skate technology. 

  •  Boot upper in light mesh material and microfibre quarters.
  •  Tongue reinforced with double padding for comfort and lace bite protection
  •  2 loops for keeping the tongue in the correct position.
  •  New Air-Tech lining for quick drying.
  •  Anatomic foam ankle padding for maximum comfort and firm foot positioning.
  •  Two-component Dual sole to reducee vibrations.
  •  New footbed system offers improved boot comfort, foot support and alignment.

 Sizes: 225-280 in white      235-310 in black.

Ice Fly is highly recommended for top skaters who need a flexible boot that bends easily.

The particular structure of the inner footbed and the perforated sole ensure that air circulates freely inside all the Edea boots.

The movement of the foot inside the boot also acts as a pump, emphasizing this phenomenon.

The flow of air keeps the foot dry and helps the inner materials to dry quickly, so discouraging bacteria that can cause allergies

The entire front part of the boot has been perforated to enable air to enter DIRECTLY, causing the skater to feel a pleasant cooling sensation

Traditional skating boots are characterized by a thin inner sole and a rigid, thick leather outer sole which is considered the framework of the boot.

Edea has modified this kind of design, by allowing the framework to enter directly into contact with the skater's foot.

In Edea boots the inner sole is the framework.

We have developed a new design that makes this framework smooth, anatomically shaped and perfectly balanced.

The thin sole on the outside covers the inner sole and gives the boot a COMPLETELY new look.


The structure of our boots and the hi-tech materials used have meant a significant reduction in the weight of our skates.

EDEA boots are 20-32% lighter than other skating boots defined as "Light" and in some cases they are 50% lighter than "standard" boots (with the same rigidity).

Consider the difference noted by a skater who generally uses a traditional pair of perhaps custom-made leather boots with a leather sole and a traditional steel plate.... When he tries out a pair of Fly boots with an ultralight plate, there is a total reduction in weight of 1.4 kg per pair!

Definitely a fantastic difference!

Think also of the force the skater manages to inject into his jumps with a lighter skate and so the increased amount of time he spends in the air to complete a spin. Just think...the spin can be tighter and he can cover more distance when he jumps....

Not to mention the quicker acceleration speed of his free leg on the run-up to a jump such as the single, double or triple axel. All thanks to the lighter weight he is carrying.

Overall: Edea boots require less effort than standard boots and lead to a better performance on the athlete's part.


Thanks to the new technologies used by Edea, the period of adaptation required for our boots to fit the shape of the skater's feet is very short: normally one thorough training session should be enough. The "memory effect" of the inner padding ensures that the boot follows the outline of the foot and trains the tongue to fit in a comfortable position almost immediately.

Unlike traditional boots, Edea boots have a certain elasticity and flexibility, that has nothing to do with their rigidity and stands the test of time.

Edea boots give an immediate and very long-lasting sensation of comfort.

This very flexibility and the anatomical structure of the boots may make it difficult for the skater to recognize the correct boot for his requirements immediately, but it is not a problem if he chooses a more rigid boot.

To help him choose, Edea has created a rigidity scale from 0 to 100 for all the boots in its range.

The lower the rating, the softer the boot.

Other brands have also started to use this scale as a reference.

The skate is a closed environment where the temperature, sweat and humidity of the foot interact with the temperature outside the boot.

The inner microclimate is fundamental for the comfort, hygiene and health of the skater's feet.

In view of the fact that allergies are increasingly becoming a problem for skaters, the Edea R&D team have focused on the use of new materials and on creating an inner ventilation system, to avoid these and other skin problems.

Edea has developed, created and patented a new kind of hook system for lacing boots.

The particular structure and the material of these carbon steel hooks make them strong, resistant and crushproof.

An optimum fit around the ankles.

  • No pressure on the ankles.
  • Reduced pressure from the laces when the boot is fastened.
  • Avoiding allergies as there are no metal components in contact with the skin

The hooks are not secured by rivets as this creates weak points in the structure of the boot, but are instead assembled and then sewn inside the upper border.

The fact that they remain unsecured inside the boot provides just enough space for movement, allowing the boot to adapt to the shape of the foot during lacing.

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