Artistic roller skating dance wheels
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Roll-Line Forester Dance Wheels
ROLL-LINE FORESTER DANCE WHEELS Set of 8 wheels Forester wheels are ultra-lightweight and they are recommended strictly for professional skating The special Slick finish guarantees greater maneuverability and smooth skating This type of wheel is suitable for different kind of slippery surfaces. Choose...
Roll-Line Formula Dance Wheels
ROLL-LINE FORMULA DANCE WHEELS Chromed urethane wheels for plastic and slippery surfaces Set of 8 wheels Choose the best wheel on an area basis EXTRA SLIPPERY: GIOTTO 47, FOX, FOX LIGHT, GIOTTO 47 SPECIAL SLIPPERY: GIOTTO 49, MAGNUM 49, FOX, GREASE 92, GIOTTO 50, FOX LIGHT FAIRLY SLIPPERY: GIOTTO 53,...
Roll-Line Helium Wheels
ROLL-LINE Helium Outdoor Wheels The Helium wheel is expressly designed to skate on the streets. They're smooth and quiet. Their main feature is the high abrasion resistance and outstanding grip on all types of outdoor surfaces. Diameter: Ø 64 mm Profile: Large
Roll-Line ICE Wheels from Roll Line
Roll-Line ICE Wheels The new generation of Ice wheels replace the Grease and the Super Speed Race. Highly professional wheels designed to meet the new demands of the world of dance, solo dance and show groups. The ICE wheels, after a long search to find the right blend of three latest generation polymers,...
Roll-Line Rapido Wheels
ROLL-LINE RAPIDO WHEELS The ROll line Rapido wheels are super-lightweight with similar characteristics to the 'Forester'. This 92A durometer wheel comes with a green hub and White PU. Used by group A National teams. Set of 8 wheels
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