Clean Sweep at British Championships
Clean Sweep at British Championships
22/06/2018 - 0 Comments
Posted by Samantha Holmes

Congratulations to all those who competed at the Cadet, Youth, Junior and Senior championships last weekend in Kettering. It was an excellent weekend that demonstrated the tremendous talent, dedication, and hard work of all those in the skating world. There were lots of wonderful performances that were rewarded with lots of wonderful marks. Great progress has been made within the sport, not only technically but artistically too. This progress has been matched by the advancements in equipment by Edea, Risport and Roll Line.

Over three quarters of all competitors were using equipment supplied and fitted by Skatermate. It was excellent to see so many of our customers sporting our goods at the Championships. We are particularly proud to say that the winners of each category, Cadet, Youth, Junior and Senior both solo and couples, competed on a full set up provided by Skatermate.

Furthermore, we are delighted to say that Skatermate provided a full skating set up to:

·         Over half of the Cadet Ladies category

·         Top 3 in Cadet Men category

·         1st and 2nd place in Youth Men category

·         Over half the Youth Ladies category, including Top 3 winners

·         Top 5 in Junior Ladies category

·         Youth Couples winners

·         Junior Men winner

·         1st and 2nd in Senior Men

·         Top 4 places in Senior Ladies category

Risport and Roll Line dominated the Senior Ladies category with the top 4 skaters using the same set up of; Risport Diamante boots, Roll Line Dance plates and Roll Line Ice wheels. Whilst the top 3 competitors of Junior ladies wore Edea boots with Roll Line Dance plates and Roll Line Ice wheels.

We are extremely proud that so many championship standard skaters chose to use our equipment and we hope to continue to provide them with the very best skating goods and service to help further their success.

We wish the very best of luck to all those who have been selected to compete at the Cup of Europe, European Championships and World Championships later this year.



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