The Edea Spinner Explained
The Edea Spinner Explained
27/07/2018 - 0 Comments
Posted by Samantha Holmes

The Edea Spinner

What is it?

The Edea spinner is an off-skate training device. Essentially it is a foot sized, nylon board that tapers from the middle to the ends. It is designed to replicate the movements and sensations of the skater on the rink, be that roller or ice. It enables the skater to carry out spin practice anywhere they wish. It is light and practical, allowing it to be transported easily in your skate bag. The spinner is available in a variety of colours and styles, making it suitable for all ages, genders and personalities.

How do I use it?

Firstly, ensure you are on a hard, smooth, clean surface with a clear space around you (it is not recommended for use on wooden surfaces as it may leave marks). Position your foot centrally on the board and make sure you are balanced. This may be difficult at first, but after a few tries, it will feel like you are on your skates. Whilst remaining balanced, you can carry out your chosen spin. This allows you get the feel for the spin and the position you need to be in to execute it correctly.

It may be of benefit to have your trainer or a fellow skater watch you whilst practising on the spinner. This will allow you to ensure you are performing the spin correctly and make adjustments and improvements as required. The spinner is not limited; any spin can be performed on it, be it a sit spin, parallel spin or a basic one footed spin, providing balance is maintained. So why not give it a go?

Why should I use it?

Edea states that using the spinner can improve a skater’s posture, balance, orientation, and agility. Additonally, it can be particularly helpful for improving a skater’s confidence in their spinning abilities. What can seem daunting on skates, can be attempted on the spinner with less risk and pressure. It is ideal for beginners attempting their first spin as well as more advanced skaters looking to improve their skating.

The spinner is recommended as part of a dry training routine and can be a useful warm-up exercise before training and competitions. It provides a safe, compact, and fun way of practising your spins anywhere and everywhere! 

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