Overview of Roll Line Plates for Dance
Overview of Roll Line Plates for Dance
08/06/2018 - 0 Comments
Posted by Samantha Holmes

When it comes to plates (also known as frames), it is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ situation, it is actually quite complex. Similarly to boots, different plates are used for different disciplines, therefore, it is important to get it right. At Skatermate we only sell Roll Line plates/frames as we believe Roll Line equipment to be the best in the world. It is high quality, excellent design and used by the world’s top skaters. So, what plate do you need?


Variant M:

The Variant plate is an aluminium, light-weight and versatile piece of equipment that is ideally suited to beginners and intermediate level skaters. Pairing this with an Edea Rondo or Classica boot will provide you with a very good set up.

Variant M


If you are an advanced level skater, then the Mistral plate is for you. Although it is classed as a freestyle plate, the Mistral is a perfect stepping stone between the Variant and a more advanced, expensive plate. Constructed from light-weight aluminium with urethane suspension rubbers and easy click action adjustment.



With low configuration and narrow turning circles guaranteed, this special aluminium alloy frame is a must for the serious, competitive dance skater. Specifically designed for dance and solo dance, great stability and high speeds are easily attained. This piece of equipment will ensure you produce your best results.


Whether you are a beginner, a more advanced skater, or a serious competitive skater, ensure you give your best performance by choosing the right plate for you. To check out product specification, follow this link to our website; Artistic Roller Skating Dance Plates. For any help and advice, give us a call or leave a message on this post, we will be happy to help.


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